Nemo: Kanta Ogaki (My Neighbor Totoro; His main attire can be for his travels in Nightmareland)

Extra with Kanta: Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Sword and Shield)

Camille: Satsuki Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro; Her travel clothes for Nightmareland can be the yellow sundress on the day Mei got lost, and she, the Eds, and Oak won't be trapped in reliquaries, instead, they'll partake in the final battle after Kanta's group return to Nightmareland and save them from getting fed to the giant spiders and their queen, and in the end, it'll be revealed that Satsuki's true self is a new neighbor who moved into Kanta's neighborhood and her princess self was just her dream counterpart)

Extra with Satsuki: Mei Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

Icarus: Pikachu (Pokemon)

Flip: Ed, Double D, and Eddy (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy; Eddy's addiction will be drinking coffee instead of smoking)

Flap: Jeremy (The Secret of NIMH)

Professor Genius: Professor Oak (Pokemon)

Extras who act as bodyguards for the Nightmareland travel: Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Red XIII/Nanaki, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cait Sith, Vincent Valentine, Cid Highwind (Final Fantasy VII), Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Cosmo the Seedrian, Tikal, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, Big the Cat, Froggy, Max the Wolf, Kayla the Wolf (Sonic the Hedgehog franchise), Jack Frost, North, Bunny, Tooth, and Sandy (Rise of the Guardians)

King Morpheus: Tatsuo Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

Extra with Tatsuo: Yasuko Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

Bon-Bon: Marlene Wallace (Final Fantasy VII)

Nemo's parents: Terra and Aqua (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Boomp Goblins: The Gangreen Gang (The Powerpuff Girls (1998))

Oompo the Big Boomp: The Dazzlings (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)

Nightmare King: Pitch Black (Rise of the Guardians; And he'll entice Kanta to expose his group's hiding place by torturing a voodoo doll version of Satsuki since the ones captured by the flying goblins will be saved by Kanta's group from the giant spiders and their queen)

Flying Goblin General: Stays the same

Black Nightmare Slime from behind the door: Stays the same

Nightmare monsters: Stays the same; Giant spiders and their queen


Chapter 1: Opening/Kanta's Nightmare

Chapter 2: The Circus has Come/Invited to Slumberland

Chapter 3: Meeting the Eds/Meeting King Tatsuo and Queen Yasuko

Chapter 4: Meeting Princess Satsuki/A Fun Time

Chapter 5: Learning How to Fight Like a Warrior Prince/Causing Mischief with the Eds

Chapter 6: Kanta and the Eds Open the Door/Coronation

Chapter 7: Tatsuo Captured/Returning to Slumberland

Chapter 8: Arriving in Nightmareland/Meeting the Gangreen Gang

Chapter 9: Flying Goblin Ambush/Returning to Nightmareland

Chapter 10: Rescuing the Captives from the Giant Spiders/Destroying the Spider Nest

Chapter 11: Going After Pitch/Final Battle

Chapter 12: Peace has Returned/Ending

For gallery: Little Kanta: Adventures in Slumberland Gallery

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